Uni Hygiene Group
is a company that carries on business in providing professional cleaning services, washroom hygiene services, landscaping, hygiene products and F&B services

Our Visions
To be the most credible and recognized service provider


  • We will constantly strive to implement all the initiatives required to achieve our vision
  • To inspire and respect each other with positivity and integrity
  • We will deliver operational excellence in every aspect of our business operation in exceeding customer’s expectation consistently

Our Value

  • We preserve strong moral principle of honesty and integrity
  • We are committed to a culture of team work and collaboration
  • We strive for operational excellence through continuous improvement



At Uni Hygiene, we focus on your priorities and preferences and integrate them with our methodology in ensuring a best in class delivery of all our services.

For more than a decade, we gained our experiences as well as related scientific & technical researches on all our application is our core advantage. These valuable information is then transformed into Competency programs in ensuring all our staffs are competent in the delivery of all our services.

Investing in a professional hygiene service company comes with several key benefits, such as: boosting workplace productivity, creating a good impression for your business clients and saving time and money for your business. Contact Uni Hygiene Group today, as we offer excellent professional hygiene services to all our clients in Johor.

Staff Competency

Our Staffs are made up of competent, dedicated and reliable conducting the various services provided by the company.


Uni Hygiene Careline is a system to enable you to inform us when you experience a problem regarding our services, you can either call or email us about the issue you are unsatisfied with. We will process your problem and provide you with solutions soonest possible as your satisfaction is our obligation