Commercial cleaning services in Malaysia

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Commercial cleaning services in Malaysia

There is a type of cleaning called commercial cleaning which refers to professionally cleaning commercial and industrial properties. Commercial cleaners provide cleaning services for a variety of commercial and industrial premises including: high-rises, shops, data centers, restaurants, showrooms, factories, schools and more. Keeping the workplace clean is very important as it has several advantages for maintaining good hygiene in the workplace. One of the main benefits of good workplace hygiene is that clients will be comfortable and be impressed. Workers will also always be on task instead of worrying about their physical health. There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies in Malaysia and one of the companies is called Uni Hygiene Sdn. Bhd. Uni Hygiene company can be found in 3 parts of Malaysia which are Johor, KL and Penang.

Our company specialises in providing commercial cleaning services, washroom hygiene services, hygiene products and more. Our company aims to deliver operational excellence in all our works to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our company has been in this line of work for more than a decade and we have gained a lot of experiences on our job. Our customers are wise to choose us as our company’s works are remarkable and we can bring our customers a lot of benefits. The benefits include boosting workplace productivity, creating a good impression for business clients and it is time saving and inexpensive for our customers. All our staff are competent, dedicated and reliable in their jobs. If there is any problem regarding our commercial cleaning services, customers can either call us or write any email to us regarding the problems. Our staff will try solving the issue and reply to our customers in the shortest time. We aim to better serve our customers as our customers’ satisfaction is on the top of our priority.

Our company provides a lot of commercial cleaning services such as general cleaning, floor care, carpet cleaning, mall cleaning, hospital cleaning, cleanroom maintenance, high rises, post construction, upholstery and more. General cleaning, as the name suggested, is cleaning the workplace in general. Our workers will clean up the place and make sure the whole place is tidy and neat. This commercial cleaning includes vacuuming the hard floors, wiping and dusting all the horizontal surfaces of chairs, tables, desks and other furniture. Our staff will also mop the floors using selected disinfectants for the best performance and ensure all areas are cleaned and arranged neatly. For the bathroom in the workplace, our professional commercial cleaners will clean and sanitize all sinks then polish all bright work. After that, our staff will remove all the garbage from all the areas and double check everything to make sure.

In some business companies, there are couches for customers to sit in the reception area and those couches require professionals to clean them. Uni Hygiene can take care of that for our customers. We provide special upholstery cleaning services for offices and even industries on site as well as at our premises for larger quantities. Our team of professional commercial cleaners will use a special vacuum cleaner to take care of the hygiene of the couches and other upholstery. Some companies are in a high rise and the facade cleaning is very important. If the high facades are not cleaned properly, it will cause damage to the property and customers might need to spend more money to fix it. Our special cleaning team will provide professional hand cleaning to maintain these high facade windows and wall panels. The carpets in the workplaces should also be cleaned regularly or else there could be unpleasant smells in the workplaces and displease the customers. Our company provides carpet care maintenance service on either contact basis or one time off.