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No1 Hygiene

There are several things that are very important to human survival which are food, water, shelter and overall health. One’s health can be protected by consuming good quality food and water and the shelter’s hygiene is being taken good care of. Our home and workplace’s hygiene are more important than ever since the pandemic started. We as responsible residents should always clean our houses and workplaces to ensure our healths are protected in this dangerous time. If anyone isn’t sure how to take care of their own house’s hygiene, they should contact a specialist to help them solve their problem. One of the best cleaning services companies in Malaysia is called Uni Hygiene.

Uni Hygiene has been in this line of work for over a decade and we are still proudly serving the industries with our superior quality cleaning services. Uni Hygiene can be found in three states, Penang, KL and Johor. Our company doesn’t just provide professional cleaning services, we also provide washroom hygiene services and sell hygiene products. We aim to be the most recognized service provider in this line of work. Our company also has our own missions that we aim to achieve. Our company will always try our best to do everything in our might to achieve our vision of being the best of the best. Our company’s core values are Integrity where we preserve strong moral principles of integrity, Openness where we are fully committed to our teamwork culture and Quality where we aim to provide the best quality of services to our customers.

Our company has a long list of services to offer to our esteemed customers. Our cleaning services are general cleaning, floor care, carpet cleaning, mall cleaning, hospital cleaning, cleanroom maintenance, high facade maintenance, post construction cleaning, upholstery cleaning and ultrafine sanitizing. We can also provide the ultimate hygiene solutions for our customers. All our cleaning and maintenance services are tailored and made to suit our customers’ specifications and expectations. We guarantee that customers will be very pleased with the final results that they get after choosing us. There are different kinds of floors in both households and office areas. For different floor types, our company will offer different floor care plans and maintenance to further protect the clients’ floors. We also offer floor restoration repair and other floor care plans for our customers. A lot of workplaces and households put carpets on the floor to even further enhance the beauty of the place. Our company also provides carpet care maintenance service no matter on contract or just a one time deal. We will utilize the best carpet cleaning system after we have done a survey on the client’s place.

Our company also provides mall cleaning services. Shopping complexes and galleries have very demanding cleaning requirements and they require the work of a professional. Our company can take up the role of professionally trained staff and we have all the right tools to finish the task of mall cleaning. Another place that requires high standards of hygiene is the hospitals. Our company’s hospital cleaning services are top-notched as our highly trained staff is taking care of the hospital housekeeping. Our country is rapidly advancing and high rise buildings are appearing one after another. Our company doesn’t just provide window cleaning service for high rise buildings, we also provide high facade cleaning. With all these high facade cleaning services, we often help our clients save a lot of money in remedial repair on their property.

No matter if you are building or remodelling your property, post construction cleaning is one of the hardest jobs as you have to clean up the mess. Our company has our clients’ back as we can help to take care of it. We also provide sanitizing services such as ultrafine fogging and we use the best kind of sanitizer for the recommended area.