Seven Little-Known Facts You Need to Know about Commercial Cleaning

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Seven Little-Known Facts You Need to Know about Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is often widely varied to the company who provides its  services, the space that is being used, industry and the company goals. There are several factors to always be taken into consideration when using commercial cleaning, such as the size, age, who uses it and how, all determine who should maintain it and in what ways. Commercial cleaning service aims to provide cleaning services to a business space.


The cleanliness of a business space can reflect a lot about their business. A clean and tidy workspace helps to promote the professional image of one’s business. A clean office creates a great impression on its customers, clients, and visitors, producing higher confidence and trust in your business. There are a number of benefits in hiring a commercial cleaning service can offer your business, such as: –


  • A safe and healthy environment for its workers
  • A clean office promotes the positive and professional business appearance
  • Increased productivity of workers


Here are some little-known facts that you need to about commercial cleaning: –


1. Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same

  • Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of high traffic areas of work and/or commerce. This can include several different types of spaces used for many different purposes. 
  • In order to meet customers’ expectations, as well as increasing employee productivity, the commercial cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your space is imperative, no matter what it is used for. 
  • Not all cleaning service companies clean for all types of businesses, so you must be sure to check that you are using a company that is experienced in the type of cleaning service you require.


2. Every business needs a generalist

  • General janitorial services include scheduled cleaning of restrooms, trash removal, floor care (vacuum, mop, sweep), and surface dusting. 
  • These services are designed for standard office environments and focus on the general day to day cleanliness of you, your staff, and your client’s work and commerce space. 
  • Every commercial property needs its general janitorial services. 


3. Specialization matter a lot during commercial cleaning

  • There is a reason why doctors will refer you to a specialist when one is needed- because specialization matters. 
  • For instance, the healthcare industry service providers require highly trained personnel in order to clean the space, they often use specially formulated chemicals, and the right equipment for the job. 
  • The focus of healthcare commercial cleaning services is to both reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria and prevent cross contamination.


4. Not every commercial cleaning service company serves the medical field

  • Not all commercial cleaning companies are trained for health care facility cleaning. 
  • For instance, a health care service professional doing the daily disinfecting of equipment will NOT be responsible for cleaning common or non-medical areas to avoid the spread of communicable diseases. 
  • Those commercial cleaning companies who offer health care cleaning, will be likely clean everything to the high standard set by hospitals.


5. There Are Some Specializations Within This Field 

  • Not all commercial cleaning services are specialized in cleaning all businesses. 
  • Some commercial cleaning services can focus on medical ones while others can work on educational properties. 
  • Some can provide post-construction cleaning while some can provide maintenance of your business property instead of just cleaning services.


6. Not Every Commercial Cleaning Service Offers Green Cleaning 

  • Green cleaning includes the use of proper cleaning methods, products, and equipment that are safe for your health and the offfice environment. 
  • Not all commercial cleaning services are certified green cleaners. 
  • It’s important to check what kind of green cleaning program your commercial cleaning service provider has to offer.


7. Not Every Commercial Cleaning Service Includes Construction Cleaning 

  • Construction cleaning is a specialization that not every commercial cleaning service will offer. 
  • Pre and post construction clean-up often require an understanding of the construction materials, dust, and debris that are present at a site. 
  • A commercial cleaning company that provides construction cleaning as part of their service will be able to take care of this effectively.


Overall, a good commercial cleaning company will utilize and use the best equipment and latest technologies available for the proper cleaning of your commercial space. Not only do your customers have expectations of a certain level of cleanliness, many studies show a clean space equals productive employees. It is important to make sure you communicate your needs as well as your budget to get the most out of your commercial cleaning company.